Save the Planet ~ buy Luxury Lingerie

It's true that luxury lingerie is expensive - that's because it is often hand-made, or produced in limited quantities. The fabric and components are finer quality and as a result, cost more. 

Sustainability is the more than just a watchword for the future.  Flooding the market with millions of tons of poorly made clothing is not really an option any more.  Fashion designers are making an effort to save the planet.  By designing thoughtfully, limiting production quantities to small amounts, and operating business mindfully, as designers we can begin to reverse the damage to the planet. 

Some consumers are well versed in the topic of climate change.  However, others don't have as much knowledge on the topic. Sometimes, the facts are hard to hear. "Fast Fashion" is the third biggest polluter on the planet.  As consumers, we can buy thoughtfully, from companies who are committed to the global community, and to improving the current state of the environment.

hand made sustainable silk chemise

 As shoppers, we can be fashionable and ethical by supporting the independent side of the industry.  Not only can we ensure that our clothing is made ethically,  we can have the satisfaction of wearing something original and supporting our favorite small designers who are producing (with love) the clothing themselves at incredibly tight margins.  Small designers are cutting to order, working every piece of lace and fabric by hand, and nothing goes to waste.

It's a wonderful thing.  As a consumer, you can actually begin to save the planet - one camisole at a time!


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